Thank you to everyone who visited us at 3 days of design at our Copenhagen home. We are beyond grateful for all the positive energy and for meeting so many of you to the launch of our new Caché objects and for the book signing with Luca Nichetto. 

We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did. 


Sculptur by Josefine Winding / Champagne Hour

The celebration of the new collaboration with designer Josefine Winding. Josefine has designed a new Caché object called Between the Words. The designer’s ars poetica is all about shape, surface and spatial awareness, her work can be best described as an abstract, powerful, simple artistic idiom.

After work wine and objects by Signe Hytte

Celebrated the launch of the new Caché objects in collaboration with designer Signe Hytte. The new objects are pieces of lasting beauty and function, sourced from the finest materials available and crafted by hand. Designed to please the eye and feed the mind.

Rooftop gathering and book signing with Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto, the Italian designer and founder of Nichetto Studio was to be found at our Copenhagen home for a signing of his book Nichetto Studio