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Great Escapes Series

The Great Escapes books provide exquisite endorsements for hospitality around the planet. The series includes editions for major continents; Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe, as well as special tomes dedicated to Italy, Greece or the Mediterranean.

A Surfing Idol Formed By Water’s Magnetism

Set to become the first AfroLatin to win a world title, Lauren L. Hill writes about Nique Miller’s natural talent. Dominique “Nique” Miller was enrolled in swimming lessons before she could walk. Her mom never learned to swim and was determined for her daughter to avoid the exclusion she felt at the beach or pool. […]

Be Well

New Spa and Bath Culture and the Art of Being Well Together with gestalten, Kari Molvar, an American beauty editor and regular contributor to T: The New York Times Style Magazine, created Be Well, an exploration of the aims of twenty-first-century wellbeing. The book explores the current culture and architecture, portraying the protagonists and their […]

Mountain Unicycling Is Taking Extreme Sports To New Heights

Pure focus and living on the road while balancing her life on one wheel with a remote job, Stephanie Dietze is rather unique


The Design Hotels Book 2020 Over the past quarter century, Design Hotels™ has been at the vanguard of a disruptive movement in the travel industry, curating a global collection of independent, design-led hotels that function as social hubs and platforms for extraordinary experiences. The 2020 edition of The Design Hotels™ Book marks an innovative new […]

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