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Faculty Department began with a curious eye and a desire to document the lives of people who influenced Justin Chung on his creative path. The First Volume, released in 2014, focused on the lives, spaces and stories creative individuals worldwide. For this Second Volume, it’s pulled towards the alternatives lifestyles of artist and creatives.  

I’m proud to present Faculty Department Volume 2, a collection of twenty-three chapters that take you inside the lives of those that I admire deeply. Within these stories, I hope you will find small reminders to enjoy the simple, often subtle, things that make life meaningful for all of us .—Justin Chung

A theme emerged: Simple living with a purpose

“I like that we know how to go slow. We have a good balance of being risk-takers but we’ll only do things if it feels right. And that’s an intangible cup that gets filled up” – Ally Walsh, owner of Canyon Coffee. 

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