Kinfolk Travel – slower ways to see the world, is a travel book created by travelers from around the globe who all contributed to create a travel book with a mindfuld approach to explore the world at your own pace. 

Over the past year, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how the joys of travel could be experienced differently when the world reopens. Contributors from around the globe have helped Kinfolk to create a guidebook of a different stripe: one that sparks deeper ways of thinking about all journeys and destinations, whether you’re five or 5,000 miles from home. 

Kinfolk Travel is an invitation to see more of the world by doing less. Following on from The Kinfolk Table, Home, Entrepreneur and Garden, the latest book from the team behind Kinfolk Magazine celebrate slow travel and the idea that an attitude of discovery is more meaningful than any particular action or itinerary. Featuring over 25 beautiful destinations across six continents, Kinfolk Travel offers an easy, mindful approach to exploring the world at your own pace.