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Must eat NYC

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    • 150 of the best restaurants in New York City by specialty andauthenticity
    • An original guide every New Yorker should have
    • Beautifully illustrated with photographs by Kris Vlegels.

    Restaurant guides exist in different shapes and sizes, but thisis the first guide that focuses on the "must eat" of a restaurant.Where do you go when you want the best pizza Margherita of New York? Who servesthe best sizzling burger? Which chef is the Ceasar's salad specialist of TheBig Apple? Where do you eat a delicious pastrami...?


    LucHoornaert, a long-time professional in top products and a genuine foodie maynot be a New Yorker, but he certainly knows the best places in NYC where youcan get a taste of the wide world that will even amaze culinary big shots. In eachone he focuses on the in-house specialty - the 'must eat'. 

    Fromfantastic ramen in Hell's Kitchen to South American snacks in Smorgasburg, fromCowabunga Dude! pizza to a 20-course tasting menu. 

    Frominconspicuous food carts with the best snacks to restaurants where reserving atable is a major hurdle.

    Must EastNYC also allows you to get to know the chef behind each dish anddocuments his love for the produce.