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The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee

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    The definitive guide to the extraordinary world of coffee from growing and roasting to brewing and serving the perfect cup. 

    Tristan Stephenson explores the origins of coffee, its journey around the world and cultural influence. First, take an in-depth look at the growing and harvesting process, the evolution of the coffee roaster and the science behind the many flavours of coffee. There is advice on buying coffee, understanding the differences between espresso blends and single origin coffee, packing and storing. 

    Then get to grips with grinding and making espresso-based drinks including the latte, cappuccino, flat white and macchiato, as well as pouring latte art and introducing chocolate, sugar and syrups. Discover a selection of classic coffee brewing techniques, from the mocha pot and French press to pourover and siphon brewers. Finally, Tristan has created 25 recipes for coffee-based drinks and baked treats to serve them with. From iced to Irish, espresso martinis to coffee beer, this is an essential anthology for the coffee enthusiast.