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The Superyacht Book

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    Come along on the maiden voyage of the latest ships from the most respected international shipyards, from Benetti to Vitters

    Exclusive photos show the most important new trends in superyacht design

    For design lovers, yacht owners, future yacht owners, and everyone who enjoys the finer things in life

    Also available: Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese editions


    What is luxury? Some people might say “my Lamborghini,” while others might think of non-material things and place the greatest value on “time for myself” or “freedom.” The Superyacht Builders Association shipyards create custom-built superyachts that will satisfy members of both groups. While on board these magnificent floating residences, you can enjoy every kind of luxury imaginable, including a spa, a gym, haute cuisine, and flawless personal service. After a few days aboard ‘Symphony’ or ‘11.11,’ you’d be hard pressed not to find complete inner peace! In The Superyacht Book, Tony Harris, one of the most knowledgeable observers of the scene, provides stunning photos and informative descriptions of the flagships of 20 top shipyards. This book is a luxury everyone can afford.