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Wood Architecture Today

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    Wood is one of the best materials for construction on account of its versatility. Among other benefits, its outstanding features are its great capacity as a thermal and acoustic insulator; its remarkable ecological character; warm appearance; luminosity, and comfort, as well as its pleasant texture and feel. For these reasons, architects and designers use this noble material, which offers infinite possibilities for exterior design and decoration. Today, the new criteria for sustainable housing planning benefit from an inexhaustible source of ideas based on products derived from this material. Furthermore, the great variety of available wood, and the fact that it is easy to recycle, facilitate the construction of masterful and varied designs. New ways of joining and fixing have been formulated thanks to modern technology.
    The contact with nature of this material has revitalized the use of wood in architecture. In this sense, the clients who request these types of options do so because they believe in the benefits that wood brings to their lives, satisfying their tastes, their requirements, and their individual styles. 
    WOOD ARCHITECTURE TODAY is a selection of 30 of the most relevant international architects that work with WOOD; a compilation of different types of construction which unify traditional design with different styles of modern creations. 
    Focused on the use of wood, the explanatory texts and drawing plans deleted clearly explain the characteristics of this material and its use in sophisticated projects.


    22.5 x 26 cm
    8.8 x 10.2 in
    Architecture Monography
    336 pages
    450 colorfull images

    ISBN EN: 978-84-9936-145-1