An Illustrated History of Equestrian Sports

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Languages: English

This unique anthology — the only one of its kind — tells the story of more than a hundred years of equestrian sports, focusing on the three official disciplines of dressage, jumping, and eventing. Featuring every major event since 1912, when the sport first appeared in the modern Olympic Games, the book gives a decade-by-decade breakdown of individual and team medal-winners, and reveals fascinating, behind-the-scenes anecdotes that bring these hard-fought contests to life.

Frank and intimate portraits of groundbreaking riders — including Hans Günter Winkler, Joe Fargis, Isabell Werth, Charlotte Dujardin, and Mark Todd — and of the sport’s most remarkable horses form a tribute to these sporting legends and evoke their dreams, setbacks, and triumphs. Richly illustrated with more than three hundred photographs and replete with key statistics, this book conveys all the excitement and drama of high-profile international equestrian competitions and is an essential reference for all enthusiasts.


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ISBN 9782080203915

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