Breakfast Bowls


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We all tend to get stuck in the pattern of eating the same breakfast everyday ? or skipping it altogether. For many, breakfast means a bowl of (often unhealthy) shop-bought cereal or toast. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Kick start your day with one of 52 healthful, wholesome breakfast bowls ? a new one for every week of the year. Breakfast Bowls will inspire you to get back to a healthy way of living.

Bursting with colour and nutrition in every mouthful, a well-balanced breakfast bowl will give your body everything it needs to start the day. From a vitamin-packed green smoothie bowl ? packed with fresh berries, kale, avocado and nut butter ? to heartier healthy grain-based bowls including oat, faro, quinoa and rice ? Breakfast Bowls will get your morning started in the right way.

Creator Bio

Caroline Griffiths is an author, qualified home economist, cook, food writer and food stylist with a keen interest in nutrition. She is a passionate food expert with over 25 years of food industry experience, having worked in Australia’s best-known test kitchens. She previously published Incredible Bakes, and has contributed to many cookbooks, food magazines and websites. Caroline loves to create recipes that are flavourful, wholesome, creative and achievable.


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