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Cala di Volpe

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Colors: Red
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The myth of Costa Smeralda’s world-renowned luxury hotel, Cala di Volpe, lies in its indelible and indescribable character, carefully molded by a select few who embodied the ethos of this magical destination. These strongly held values were made manifest in their respect for nature, appreciation of local tradition and recognition of craftsmanship. It is impossible to visit Sardinia and not be inspired by its incredible natural beauty. And it was no different for architect Jacques Couëlle, the “sculptor of houses” whose approach to designing Cala di Volpe involved only local materials and whose guiding principle was to achieve harmony with the surrounding environment. Seamlessly integrated into the landscape, the hotel now stands in all its organic, free-form glory, with terra-cotta accents and a pastel-colored exterior―an effortlessly glamorous escape.


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ISBN 9781649802156

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