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55 creative coffee spots & 1 mocha moped.

The book is the ultimate guide to how to taste your way through coffee in the Danish capital.– Frederiksberg Bladet

Barista Anja Olsen leads the way to Copenhagen’s many creative coffee shops, so you will find the ones that best suit your taste. Be introduced to coffee shops you may not know exist and read whimsical stories about those you perhaps do know.

Concrete descriptions of selected coffee spots are interspersed with coffee breaks offering portraits of Copenhagen’s greatestcoffee aficionados. Meet Ricco Sørensen from Riccos, Klaus Thomsen from Coffee Collective, Jonas Gehl from Prolog Coffee Bar, Esben Piber from La Cabra and Sine Klejs Gren from Holy Bean—she is one of Denmark’s only two female roasting masters.

CoffeeCopenhagen 55 creative coffee spots & 1 mocha moped is a tribute to the many creative and personal coffee shops in Copenhagen, and their owners, for the art of creating great coffee experiences. The guide makes you coffee clever, so you know what’s what on the coffee menu, and can tell your cortado, from an Americano, and a pour-over, not to mention the difference between light-roasted and dark-roasted coffee.


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