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A long weekend away is always a good idea. Seeing and experiencing something new, delving into an alternative culture or simply putting yourself into a new space are all the more possible when you pack and bag and just take yourself off.

Whilst the flow of the book will incorporate the Thursday to Sunday trajectory, the mixture of content will mean that a reader is both influenced by Toby’s imagery of the city without explicitly having to follow a specific route but allow them to adventure at will. Food spots, stores, parks and cultural highlights to showcase the city in a new light.

Photographer Toby Mitchell, through a series carefully curated images, will take the reader on a visual weekend journey of Copenhagen. This is the third in Toby’s travel series where he will explore smaller and bigger cities from around the globe. Discover the very heart of these vibrant, cultural and historic cities through Toby’s awesome photographs.



Dimensions 17 × 23 cm

ISBN 9789187815430