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Design Monograph: Eames

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A design monograph on Charles and Ray Eames, the golden couple of postwar American design.

A design monograph series on the most remarkable architects, designers, brands and design movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, each book contains a historical-critical essay discussing the life and work of the subject, followed by an illustrated appreciation of groundbreaking work.

Charles and Ray Eames were the golden couple of postwar American design. True multimedia pioneers, they worked in furniture design, architecture, print, photography and filmmaking. They imbued the modern twentieth-century aesthetic with originality, colour and freshness, and their ability to mould plastics and plywood with an elegance not previously seen resulted in some of the most influential furniture design of the modern age – witnessed not just in the continuing popularity of their original designs but also in the mass prodcution of countless imitations.


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