Ephyra - TravertineEphyra - Travertine

Ephyra – Travertine

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Like a small stone monument mimicking the sweeping, grand architecture of ancient times and inspiring thoughts of Greek mythology, the Ephyra bookend stands tall, proud and grounded.

But that is not the whole story. Ephyra also features a hint of movement, with a travertine sphere that at the base that seems to have come from above. This is evocative of the myth of Sisyphus, who pushed his stone up a mountain for eternity while never managing to get the top. The name Ephyra comes from the city of Ephyra, where the mountain was located.

As a bookend or as a sculptural object, Ephyra is a piece of lasting beauty and function, sourced from the finest materials available and crafted by hand. Designed to please the eye and feed the mind.

“I always take a sculptural approach to designing, making each project convey a story, a dream, or an emotion”

– Signe Hytte

Materials: Travertine


Weight 3,30 kg
Dimensions 12,8 × 11,7 × 18 cm

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