Eternal Instant - Chanel J12 - New Mags Product ImageEternal Instant - Chanel J12 - New Mags Product Image

Eternal Instant – Chanel J12

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Colors: Black

Chanel’s J12 watch revolutionized the standards of watches for women, combining technical sophistication with the allure of modern design. The J12 has evolved into a classic watchmaking icon of the twenty-first century.

Since its arrival just over twenty years ago, the J12 has drawn its inspiration from Chanel’s drive to shake up the codes by combining a daring artistic approach with superlative technical finesse. The J12 watch transformed ceramic into a precious material, and rewrote two hundred years of watchmaking with the innovative brilliance of its design. A text by noted watch connoisseur Nicholas Foulkes explores the extraordinary conception, execution and history of the Chanel J12. Enhanced by a strikingly original selection of fine photographs, this volume celebrates twenty years of the most beautiful and technically refined watches ever worn on the wrist.


Dimensions 23,5 × 2,0 × 33 cm



ISBN 9780500023945

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