Ferrari - Limited From Inside and Outside  - New Mags Product ImageFerrari - Limited From Inside and Outside  - New Mags Product Image

Ferrari – Limited From Inside and Outside

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“The book provides a fresh take on the difference between the lived experience inside Ferrari and the perception from outside, combining intense scrutiny and global fan adulation.” ―

Ferrari is the beating heart of the global sporting phenomenon that is Formula 1. Its founder, Enzo Ferrari, was born on the racetrack as a competition driver before he became a creator of mythical road cars. No other team can inspire the passion or match the stories of triumph and tragedy. Rainer Schlegelmilch and Ercole Colombo are two of Formula 1’s most legendary photographers. They covered the sport from the 1960s onwards, with amazing access inside the Scuderia. Here, for the first time, they come together to pay tribute to Formula 1’s most iconic team.


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ISBN 9781788842464

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