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Flowers Forever

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Colors: Green
Languages: English

From the author of Everlastings comes Flowers Forever – a book that will inspire you to create beautiful floral displays with long lasting, dried flowers.

Packed to the brim with information on dried flowers, the book includes a section on the process of growingdrying and working with flowers that last, plus guidance on textures, tones and colours and advice on how to source materials sustainably. Flowers Forever also showcases 10 modern designs including an Autumn Bounty Fireplace, a Winter Solstice Wall-hanging and a breathtaking Tablescape.

This is a book for those who question the origin and sustainability of all we consume and are seeking to educate themselves while creating these beautiful projects.


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Dimensions 18 × 2,6 × 25,5 cm




ISBN 9781784884345

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