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Formula 1


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Colors: Black
Languages: English

Formula 1 is more popular than ever. The race calendar expands every year, with more spectators flocking to Formula 1 circuits, and an increasing number of viewers tuning in to follow every turn, acceleration, and overtaking move from behind their TV screens.

But Formula 1 is much more than what is shown on TV. It’s the mechanics at work, fighting for split-seconds during pit stops. Formula 1 is about massive development departments working to unlock the key to success, and it’s a commercial circus that entertains and impresses.

In this book, readers are taken behind the scenes, where the stories of the greatest drivers, the wildest dramas, and the constant evolution unfold. All of it is presented through fantastic images and words from the actors who experienced these events with their own eyes – whether from inside the car, from the pit wall, or around the track.


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ISBN 9788794190404

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