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HÅNDVÆRK takes you behind the scene of crafts, artisanal production, architecture and design in respectful and in-depth interviews accompanied by beautiful photographs and complemented by top-quality printing and paper.

In the bookazine, I explore what decoration is, and who works with decoration. Also, is art a form of decoration, and why have humans engaged in decoration since the dawn of time? Among the people you can meet in this issue are Anna Andén and Thomas Johansson, who own the aforementioned wallpaper factory, print designers Emma von Brömsen and Daniel Långelid, ceramicist Marianne Nielsen, textile designers Tina Ratzer and Marianne Johnstad, master mosaicist Bella Ferlov, architect Per Troelsen, who works for Realdania, cabinetmaker Igor Nodari and many, many others.

The theme of no. 5 is ‘decoration’. The bookazine asks what decoration is, and who works with decoration. Is art a form of decoration, and why have people always engaged in decoration?
HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 5 presents craftspeople, artisans, makers, designers, architects and artists who express themselves through the art of decoration.
Together, they cover a wide range of fields, including jewellery, ceramic sculptures, textile art, origami, wood, trompe l’oeil, mosaics, wallpaper design and pastry making.

Topics: crafts and design

Contents: interviews, feature articles, inspiration

Format: biannual bookazine


Dimensions 21.5 × 28 cm



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