Kinfolk magasin vol. 36


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Issue 36 of the celebrated lifestyle magazine focusses on movement in all its many forms.

No matter the pace, our bodies are in perpetual motion. Issue Thirty-Six of Kinfolk explores the role of movement as a vehicle for physical prowess, self-expression or indeed social cohesion — it’s no coincidence, after all, that authoritarian governments place such emphasis on synchronised activities.

In a special themed section, we’ll push beyond the merits of mere exercise to meet those who are finding professional and personal fulfilment while in motion. We’ll meet the athlete (TBC: Salwa Eid Naser) set to storm the 2020 Summer Olympics, and examine the limits — and apparent appeal — of endurance sports in a special longform essay. Elsewhere, our fashion shoot finds us firing balls at models’ faces, and we tap the experts for five tips on moving into a more agile mindset.



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