Kinfolk magasin edition 47 - New Mags Product ImageKinfolk magasin edition 47 - New Mags Product Image

Kinfolk magasin edition 47

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Rather than advocating for any particular miracle cure, Issue Forty-Seven focuses on well-being as an innate balance to be safeguarded. You’ll meet inspiring people for whom the well-being of others is paramount, featuring Walt Odets on the power of therapy, Chani Nicholas and Sonya Passi on financial well-being, Julia Bainbridge on sobriety, and Alice Sheppard on dance as a way to commune with the body—even when it hurts. Plus: interviews with fashion icon Farida Khelfa, tattoo artist Dr. Woo, superstar stylist Veneda Carter, and much more.


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ISBN 9781941815519

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