Lis Kasper

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Colors: Red
Languages: English

Lis Kasper Bang is a Danish portrait and art photographer, who spent many of her early years in South Africa where her passion for photography was sparked. Since Lis Kasper’s first exhibition in 2005 she has been experimenting with different photo-techniques that mostly focus on human expressions – from portraits that seek to capture the essence of the model to artistic interpretations of the human form. Formerly an award winning make up-artist, Lis Kasper Bang takes her inspiration partly from the worlds of fashion, film, theatre, and advertising. Infused with a creative talent for inventing characters and creating moods, Lis Kasper Bang has created her own unique and personal style that often stands as a poetic statement to a theme.


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Dimensions 24 × 1,3 × 34,5 cm


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