My Magazine Vol. 14 - New Mags Product ImageMy Magazine Vol. 14 - New Mags Product Image

My Magazine Vol. 14

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Languages: English

10 different covers

Contrast has long been a concept of interest to creatives.

The tension between opposing elements, their contradictions reflected and balanced in one another.

In this issue, we handed this theme to our creative partners to transform into the imagery across the magazine. Sharp with soft, light with dark. We have always been drawn to brutalist architecture, its stark and minimalist emphasis on textures and materials. Concrete, stone, metal, and glass. These hulking, powerful structures have a no-bullshit attitude. Conversely, a poetic outlook provides balance to brutalism. Imaginative, lyrical, rhythmic. Crafting with words. In combination, these two elements form a dynamic contrast – one you’ll see woven throughout the pages of this issue.


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ISBN 9772246752005

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