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Colors: Black

Richard Mille, 54, has devoted his career to haute horology. His love for high-precision mechanism and his passion for technological perfection have inspired his creations. Thousands of hours devoted to engineering research in a state-of-the-art workshop in the Swiss Jura resulted in the realisation and marketing in 2001 of a wristwatch which was the most ergonomic and the most technically sophisticated watch of its time. Since then, about ten new models have been created and launched successfully.

In a Richard Mille watch, the concept dictates the components, and not the other way round. Therefore there is no “standard” part. Carbon fibre, silicon, metallic and non-metallic alloys and ceramics are no longer exclusive to the car, aeronautics or aerospace industries. These materials offer haute horology fabulous possibilities and new technical solutions, provided it accepts the challenge of their adaptation to watchmaking.

These costly materials must be tried and tested many times before their full potential to watchmaking is appreciated and understood by the tool-makers and watch-mechanics. It can be considered therefore that Richard Mille watches are futuristic high-tech works of art.

Text in English & French.


Dimensions 28.5 × 33.5 cm



ISBN 9782702210741

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