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Colors: White
Languages: English

The iconic, Scandinavian city of Stockholm is where The Weekender series takes us in late Summer, 2019. Matt Porter visits the diverse and cosmopolitan capital to discover the charm of the old town, to the more modern and up and coming spots that all encapsulate that Swedish sensibility of calm and orderly sense of living. Sitting against the breathtaking backdrops of the city’s archipelago, Sweden’s largest city has plenty to offer on a weekend getaway. The book will be an eclectic mix of interesting streets, delicious food joints, eye-catching landmarks and fantastic destination spots that can all be found in Stockholm. Whilst the flow of the book will incorporate the weekend trajectory, the mixture of content will mean that a reader is both influenced by Matt’s imagery of the city without explicitly having to follow a specific route but allow them to adventure at will.


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ISBN 9789187815485

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