Swan: A Unique Story

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People who purchase a Swan are not simply buying a boat, but fulfilling a dream. They join an exclusive world, where uniqueness is the keyword.

Designed for all yachting and sailing enthusiasts, this volume celebrates the iconic boatyard established fifty years ago in Finland by retracing and illustrating the main events in half a century of yachting history, along with all the vessels that contributed to shaping the Nautor’s Swan legend. A company whose name is synonymous with reliable, top-quality and high-performance boats, since 1966 Nautor has been offering yachts that reflect cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, materials and designs, but also a “craftsmanship” rooted in the centuries-old Finnish tradition. Testimonials by personalities such as Germán Frers, Paul Cayard, Grant Dalton, Juan Kouyoumdjian, Jochen Schümann and Skip Novak, articles by specialist journalists, breathtaking photographs and original accounts make this volume a reference book that merits a place on the shelves of every sailing fan.
Bianca Ascenti, journalist, contributes to the most influential boating and lifestyle magazines, following the major international competitions; she co-manages Giro di boa, the blog of Corriere della Sera dedicated to sailing and is author/translator of many books about the history of yachting.


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