Tapio Wirkkala at Venini


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Colors: Sand, Dark Green
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The eminent artist and designer, Tapio Wirkkala, helped to make the Finnish school famous around the world: this exhibition and catalogue reveal his art and his creativity.

When Wirkkala designed his first objects for Venini in the mid-1960s, he was already a figure of worldwide fame, with prominent projects in the various design sectors. His activities with Venini represented an interesting phase in his versatile career and, at the same time, had a profound influence on the Murano glass-making industry. It was Tapio Wirkkala who promoted the “Incalmo” technique that he often combined with “Mezzafiligrana” and “Murrine”, thanks to the skills of the master glassmakers and the rich palette of colours. His works feature in major museums around the world.


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ISBN 9788857246666

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