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Tasmania Living


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Colors: Blue, Beige
Languages: English

Surveys 20 of Tasmania’s most spectacular and innovative homes.

From restored historical residences to contemporary, experimental masterpieces, the Tasmanian landscape is dotted with spectacular and innovative homes. Here, their inhabitants reveal how they stumbled upon their island properties. They share their journeys to discovering rich, lesser-known Tasmanian treasures, acknowledging its dark history, and embracing an ever-so-slightly ‘off the grid’ lifestyle.

Tasmanian Living observes slow, sustainable living in Australia’s southernmost region, showcasing architectural flair, reverence to style and design, passion for local community, and the integration of history and culture in contemporary homemaking practices.

Marita Bullock and Joan-Maree Hargreaves breathe new life into Australia’s southern island, as they celebrate the homeowners that have transformed the humble Tasmanian residence into a visual feast for readers – and visitors – alike.


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ISBN 9781760762230

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