The Luxury Of Private Aviation


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Colors: Black
Languages: English
  • A lavishly illustrated book on the luxurious world of private flying
  • 150 photos and exclusive insights from the Head of Client Services at Luxaviation
  • A must-have for all luxury travel lovers
  • Another highlight: cover made of black coated linen and a contrasting light blue colour edging

Embrace the intricacies of private aviation while exploring the art of flying and the evolution of luxury throughout the history of aviation. Inspired by its passengers, each flight and each aircraft are part of a creative process built to serve the most discerning clients. You will be amazed by the design, the beauty and the endless creative possibilities of aircraft interiors. Follow service expert Jana App-Sandering, Chief of Client Service at Luxaviation, into the luxurious world of private aviation.


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Dimensions 29,5 × 2,5 × 38 cm




ISBN 9783961712649

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