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The Planet’s Most Spiritual Places


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This majestically illustrated and deeply insightful guide explores 100 of the most spiritually significant places throughout the world, seeking to understand what it is that defines these sites.

Spirituality has a multitude of meanings for the many who seek deeper significance in their lives. From ancient religions with their timeless places of worship to modern, contemporary followers of faith and new age travellers seeking enlightenment and illumination, we are drawn to all kinds of places in the search for profound meaning.

From a Polish Catholic praying in a large cathedral to a Portuguese surfer speechless in wonder at the majesty of the ocean, spirituality knows no bounds.ThePlanet’s Most Spiritual Places brings together all definitions to present some of the most important places of spiritual significance, in stunning and immersive detail.

We recognize that one person’s spirituality can inspire another no matter their origin, history or nationality. We have included sites of spirituality from all around the world, from the established to the exotic, determining a number of fundamental definitions for our spiritual destinations:

1. Ancient Monuments
2. Places of Worship
3. Natural Wonders
4. Centres of Enlightenment
5. Pilgrimage
6. Living Landmarks


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