Tidying Up In Style

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Riveting accounts of decluttering and organizing are the groundwork for this manual of order. This practical and illustrated book integrates different theories, specifically pointing out all the common items of the home, and finding them their place with ingenuity and style.
(Includes order for nomads).

Natalia Geci is an Argentinian architect and designer.
Having previously worked in interior design, Geci moved to Paris in 2000 to study Product Design. She continued to work as a set and interior designer between Buenos Aires, Paris and London, launching her own furniture brand in 2013. Geci’s nomadic lifestyle has led to her furniture design exploring the changing notions of home resulting in products that are light, flexible and customisable, made to last and working in any given space.


Dimensions 19 × 21,5 cm

ISBN 9788494717246

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