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Visite Privee

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Colors: Grey, White
Languages: English

18 new portraits of the homes and workplaces of artists, designers, architects and other creatives from all over the world.

Creatives featured include: Gokelaere & Robinson (gallerist owners, Brussels / Knokke / Paris); Bieke Casteleyn (interior architect and furniture designer, Knokke, Belgium); Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (founder Norm Architects, Denmark); Michael Kravagna (artist, Belgium); Lukas Cober (furniture designer, Maastricht / Aachen, NL/DE); Danielle Siggerud (architect, Norway / Denmark, based in Copenhagen); Kobus van der Merwe (chef WOLFGAT, West Cape, South Africa), winner World Restaurant Awards Paris 2019; Luc Leroi (interior designer, Brisel, Luxembourg); Angus Taylor & Rina Stutzer (artists, Pretoria, South Africa); Lucas Morten (designer, Varberg, Sweden); Jessie & Jamie Friedberg (restaurateurs, Johannesburg, South Africa); Candace & William Marshall-Smith (gallerist owners, Cape Town, South Africa) ;Patrick Huyghe (designer / owner Vanghent Rugs, Bruges, Belgium); Sé Young Kipp (artist, South Korea / US, living in The Hague, Netherlands); Stéphanie Frederickx & Christophe Urbain (gallerist owners, Atelier Ecru, Ghent, Belgium); Jae Joo (interior designer, Korea / New York); Nannette NU Interiors (interior designer, The Netherlands)


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ISBN 9782875501103

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